Adopt Films - FAQs

Hi, I am basically new to your website because my friend just recommended it to me earlier. I wonder how I can watch movies without creating an account or is it necessary?

Hello, thank you for visiting our website and we’re glad that your friend recommended it to you. We’d like you to know that it is really necessary to create an account first before you can watch the movies that we have here. We’ll need your information first so you can create one and without an account, you can’t watch the films. Adopt Films hope you create one soon so that you can finally enjoy the free three-month trial with great movies nonstop.

Can I delete my account if I want to and bring my account back with the same email address?

Yes, you can delete your account whenever you want although that would mean you won’t be able to enjoy the three-month free movie trial if you delete it sooner. You may also bring your account back using your old email. However, any unused credits on the free trial will not be honored anymore.

Can I still watch old movies in this site?

Yes, you can still watch some old movies here in this website although they are limited because we cannot access all of them at once.

Is it possible to give reviews or comments about the movies I watch in here since we can create an account?

We are glad to say that you can give reviews about the movies. It’s actually a great idea and a way to let everyone know what’s your opinion about the films we provide in here. You can also talk to other people so creating an account here really offers a lot of benefits.