Adopt Films - About Us

Adopt Films has been created a long time ago. We were able to create films that give great stories, morals and lessons. For years, people loved our Indie films and wanted to see more of our creations. But as time passed by, we had to deal with many things and made us change a lot on our movie projects and productions. Adopt Films started to create the website more different from before. Many people were sad about the changes we made on our services but they don’t need to worry because we are still here to provide great movies and films to all of you.

We are dedicated to giving you the best quality movies. It is our mission to provide the best movies from then and now, even our productions from the past are still available here. But of course, we’d like to give these to all of you while we can also do great things for other people. We let the people view any movies they want as much as they can for three months and after that, all movies will have to be paid in order for people to watch it. We collect all the money and donate them to charities or to any events that are connected to creating films or productions.

Even if we aren’t producing any films now, it’s still our purpose to provide them to all of you and give you entertainment, relaxation and let the movies relieve you from stress. However, it is a great opportunity to do good things with a lot of purpose. For years, we succeed in helping other people through our website and the work we do for this website. We are hoping for more viewers who will support us and help us with our mission and purpose.