Violette: Toronto Review

12:30 AM PDT 9/9/2013 by Boyd van Hoeij
Martin Provost's second biopic of a French female artist stars Emmanuelle Devos and Sandrine Kiberlain as Violette Leduc and her mentor/object of desire Simone de Beauvoir.

TORONTO -- After the success of 2008’s Seraphine with Yolande Moreau, French director Martin Provost returns to the first-name female biopic genre with Violette, a film that stumbles out of the starting blocks but slowly..


SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 | 04:56PM PT

Emmanuelle Devos triumphs in this sharply observed yet sympathetic biopic of a trailblazing feminist author.

Chief Film Critic | Scott Foundas
The trailblazing feminist writer Violette Leduc gets a biopic fully worthy of her complex life and work with “Violette.” In this thematic bookend to his 2008 “Seraphine,” director Martin Provost once again casts his sharp yet sympathetic gaze on an uncompromising woman artist profoundly at odds with the social and artistic conventions of her day. And once more, he has crafted a plum role that allows a gifted actress (Emmanuelle Devos) to show the full range of her abilities. Commercial prospects look solid for the pic’s Nov. 6 opening in Gaul (where “Seraphine” racked up 846,000 admissions), while the combination of tony literary material and handsome period craftsmanship make it a natural prospect for offshore arthouse distribs.

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